With so many choices for your fursuit maker, it’s easy to get overwhelmed! And it can be hard to know who is reputable and well-trusted in the community.

Dream Machine Costumes is proud to share the following testimonials from customers over the years, in the hopes that you choose us to make your character come to life!

  • I’m a two time customer of Dream Machine Costumes and have been completely satisfied when working with them even as far back as 2015.  Between 2015 and 2019 I have commissioned 2 fursuits from Dream Machine Costumes, one a 3/4ths partial and the other a fullsuit.  Both times communication has been thorough and clear, I got exactly what I wanted.  The quality of their suits at the start was great, but with years of progress they now are exceptional.  They have done a fantastic job of bringing my character to life TWICE.  Where Dream Machine Costumes really stands out is the visibility from the fursuit heads.  All other fursuit heads I have worn have been heavy with extremely poor visibility, DMC’s are light and offer stunning visibility, I can actually see out of them!  Dream Machine Costumes makes incredibly adorable and comfortable fursuits, I love the big stompy paws!
  • Would highly recommend Dream Machine Costumes. I was referred to by a friend to check their suits out. Of about the 5 or 6 other suitmakers that I’ve email/messaged/inquired, DM Costumes was the first one to respond to me (on a Sunday!!). I knew the communication was going to be fast and great. DM Costumes kept me updated on the progress throughout the making and fabrication of the suit from start to finish, sending plenty of WIP pictures the whole time. Using Trello to monitor their progress is also a GREAT addition, and in my opinion a must for fursuit makers. Any adjustments or suggestions, DM Costumes was able to accommodate for and adjust even in last minute changes. Responses to messages never took more than 30 minutes. The quality of the suit is very good and have had no problems so far. Many of my friends commented on how fast the turn around time was for a partial (I still can’t believe it myself actually) and the there wasn’t any compromise on quality. I highly recommend DM Costumes for fast and clear responses as well as quality and fast custom made suits.


  • Dream Machine costumes is very great working close with us and always keep us posted of their progress.