Suit For Sale!

I’m looking for a new home for this adorable watermelon pup! The new owner will also own any character rights, including some badges and artwork.

This suit features a head made by Hooskydawg, purchased new by me in December 2016. Minor modifications were made by myself in 2017, but these (whiskers, nose ring, eyelashes) are 100% removable if the buyer would prefer the head in its original state. The head will come with the original removable tongue, not the long tongue seen in some of the photos.

The suit’s tail and handpaws were made by Pure Ruby Dragon in May of 2014. The tail features a hidden pocket for storing small items.

The bodysuit and feet were made by myself, Dream Machine Costumes, in May of 2014. The feet have ‘outdoor’ soling with durable paw details. The bodysuit received some updated markings in May of 2017.

The fursuit has been worn two or three times and has been cleaned after each outing. It’s in ‘barely worn’ condition but is still an older suit. No modifications or tailoring will be made for the sale.

Email for offers and more information!

Head: 23″ fits well
Feet: Slip-on Shoes inside are Women’s Size 9
-Bust: 36″
-Waist: 41″
-Arm Length: 21″
-Inseam: 27″
-Neckline to Crotch: 30″


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