Prices and Features

All fursuits are unique, and so are their prices. A fursuit’s price depends on the costume pieces desired, the selection of premium features, and complexity of design.

Starting prices are as follows (all prices in USD):
Head – 1200
Partial Fursuit (head/handpaws/feetpaws/tail) – 2500
Fullsuit (head/handpaws/feetpaws/tail/bodysuit) – 4000

Standard Features

-Fully lined with bonded neoprene fabric
-Waterproof, extra durable eyes (following or flat)
-Soft tongue and front teeth
-Lined at the cuff
-Four fingers including thumb

-Attached via beltloop to your belt
-Fully lined and plush
-Shoeless design
-Hard, textured soles
-Lined at the neck
-Lined along zipper
-Front or back zipper

Premium Features:

-Custom printed liner
-Detachable eyelids
-Extra teeth
-Plush claws
-Five-finger design
-Stuffed fingers (lined)

-Attached to the bodysuit and/or a kidney belt. Suggested for large, heavy or rigid tails

-Plush claws
-Soft, appliqued pawpads on bottoms
-18+ Add-ons, like extra zippers or external parts
-Digitigrade or other padding (attached pockets with zipper entry for removal of stuffing)

I’m a two time customer of Dream Machine Costumes and have been completely satisfied when working with them even as far back as 2015.  Between 2015 and 2019 I have commissioned 2 fursuits from Dream Machine Costumes, one a 3/4ths partial and the other a fullsuit.  Both times communication has been thorough and clear, I got exactly what I wanted.  The quality of their suits at the start was great, but with years of progress they now are exceptional.  They have done a fantastic job of bringing my character to life TWICE.  Where Dream Machine Costumes really stands out is the visibility from the fursuit heads.  All other fursuit heads I have worn have been heavy with extremely poor visibility, DMC’s are light and offer stunning visibility, I can actually see out of them!  Dream Machine Costumes makes incredibly adorable and comfortable fursuits, I love the big stompy paws!.

I got my suit from dream machine costumes on May 5th 2017. Tally superseded my expectations bringing my character to life better than I had even hoped. I debuted bissy at megaplex 2017 and have attended 15 other conventions since. My suit has been incredibly resilient through hundreds of hours of being worn and many more I’m sure. Thanks again dream machine for bringing bissy into physical form for me!