Prices And Features

Prices are calculated based on commission type and character design. These may range from $1200 for a head-only commission, to $4000+ for a digitigrade padded bodysuit.

Listed below are the features available on Dream Machine Fursuits. Unless otherwise specified, liner is a Lycra blend over a thin pad.

  • Head
    • Fully Lined
    • Following or Flat Eyes
    • Soft Mouth Details
    • Velcro Eyelids Available by Request
  • Handpaws
    • Cuffed on the wrist
    • Four or Five Fingers
    • Soft Claws Available by Request
    • Appliqued pawpads
    • Not lined apart from the cuff
  • Feet
    • Fully Lined
    • Shoeless Design
    • Pawpad Details Available by Request
  • Tail
    • Attaches Via Beltloop
  • Arm and/or Leg Sleeves Available by Request
    • Applies to Partial Fursuits
    • Attached to underarmor-style Shorts or Shirt
  • Bodysuit
    • Lined at the neck
    • Lined Zipper
    • Digitigrade Leg or Body Padding Available by Request (attached pockets, you stuff to your liking)

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