By commissioning me, it is assumed you have read and agreed to the following terms and concepts.

Please be sure and read this entire page! Contact information is at the bottom of the page.

How do I commission you?
When I’m ready for new work, a form will appear on this website. It will ask for your reference sheet/artwork, as well as what type of commission you want, and what your budget is. You will receive a response whether or not I take your commission. Once accepted, you will be expected to pay a 30% down payment. You will receive an invoice that you may pay off in any increment you choose. Once work begins on your suit, communication will move from email to Telegram (or Discord) for WIP discussion. Completion of a full Fursuit usually takes 6-8 weeks. When your suit is completed, you will receive a shipping estimate, and once that is paid, the suit will be on its way to you!

What are your working hours?
These vary. I am a mom with a family and their care is my first job. I usually work a few hours every day, and am almost always available via email to answer questions. Please give me at least 24 hours to reply to you before following up!

Do you accept payment plans?
YES! You need to pay 30% minimum up front to secure your place in line. This must be paid within 2 weeks of your given quote if you wish to move forward with your commission, and is typically non-refundable if you change your mind later. Additional payments are paid whenever you like, in any amount. You must, however, be fully paid I can begin work on your costume. If you are not fully paid up by any dates we may discuss, you will lose your place in line.

What payment methods do you accept?
Credit Card (via QuickBooks Cash), Paypal, and Bank Transfer.

Do I have to be 18 to commission you?
YES. Minors cannot enter a contract legally, or use a PayPal account, and so you must be a legal adult to commission me.
-Can my mom/dad/other adult commission you for me?
NO. I will only work directly with the owner/wearer of a costume, to prevent miscommunication.

Can you make me a suit that looks just like ______?
NO. I will not duplicate existing designs. This includes copyrighted characters. You can show me a few designs as a starting point for your own design, though.

Artistic Freedom Designs?
YES! I love them! Ask me and I’ll be happy to work with you.

Can I change my design during the commission process?
YES, up until construction begins. This may invoke extra fees, and if the change requested is a large change, please allow extra time for completion.

What is acceptable concept art?
Concept art must show three clear, unobstructed views of your character, often front, back and side. It is best for this to be digitally colored, and never shaded or textured – I don’t know if jagged lines are the way a marking should look, or if it’s just to show shaggy fur! The clarity and readability of your reference artwork is of utmost importance.
If it’s not on the costume, it shouldn’t be on the ref sheet – this includes accessories and clothing that may distract me from your design.
Do not send adult-content artwork.
Do not send traced or stolen artwork. This will result in you being blacklisted from working with me.

What about my Duct Tape Dummy?
Here is a pretty good tutorial! Make sure you do a good job to ensure the best fit! Unless otherwise requested, duct tape dummies will not be sent back to you. Please tape up your exit cuts before sending it in!
Please write your name and your fursuit character’s name on the dummy somewhere.
-When do I send it?
It would be best to send it shortly before I start working on your suit. I will give you a heads up, and you’re always welcome to ask.

What if something breaks or doesn’t fit me?
Your costume is covered for up to 60 days for free repairs, adjustments and alterations. Just send the costume back and all necessary repairs will be made. Any attempted repairs made by someone else could void your warranty. PLEASE ensure the costume has been fully cleaned before mailing it to me!
After 60 days, free repairs will be made on a case-by-case basis and at my discretion. Please note than normal wear-and-tear repairs will not be free of charge, and I will be happy to repair your costume for a fee.

When will my suit be done?
This will be discussed before I send your invoice, and will be kept to as closely as possible. I do offer a refund system if we’re more than 3 months (90 days) past your discussed completion time with no work begun. This does not account for delays on your end, such as DTD delays or payment delays. Keep in mind I do have a queue of customers and I cannot start your costume before your spot in line is up! Convention deadlines are usually possible, please specify when asking for your quote – this may incur a rush fee.

What about shipping?
Shipping will be calculated when the costume is finished. Average shipping cost is usually $80-$100. You’ll need to pay for the shipping before the costume is sent to you.

International customers are responsible for any customs/VAT fees on their end – this includes researching your country’s current standards and tax rates. I am not responsible for these, and because these rates can shift, cannot predict them. Please factor this into the expected cost of your suit.

Do you send Work-In-Progress (WIP) pictures?
Yes! I like to send them via a chat app called Telegram. When your suit is being worked on, I’ll ask for your contact info, be it Telegram or another method you prefer.

Other Things:
Allergies – Costumes are built in a home containing pets. They are kept away from materials as much as possible, but I can’t guarantee no contact at all.

Injury – In the unfortunate event that you are injured while wearing a costume purchased here, Dream Machine Costumes, LLC, will not be held liable or responsible. Wearing a costume of this nature will limit your vision and dexterity, and it is up to you to practice wearing the costume before taking it into a more challenging environment.

Style – While I am happy to accept new challenges and ideas, please note that I specialize in cute, cartoony costumes and for best results, this is what you should expect.

Special Requests: Curious about something? Don’t be afraid to ask! While I cannot accommodate every request all the time, I do my best!

Refunds – Full refunds (apart from the down-payment) can be made up until construction of your costume begins. After construction has begun, partial refunds may be possible. When the costume is complete and in your possession, no refunds will be issued.