Care and Wear Information!

How to Put on a Fursuit
1. Put on your protective under armor/lycra layer and balaclava.
2. Put your legs in the bodysuit and hike it up to your waist.
3. Loop a belt through the beltloops on your tail, slide the two ends of your belt through the hole in back of the fursuit, and tighten the belt around your waist.
4. Put your feet in the fursuit feet and tuck the ankles of the feet into the legs of the suit.
5. Pull the bodysuit the rest of the way on and zip it up. You might need help if you have a back zipper.
6. Put on your hand paws, and tuck the wrists into the arms of the bodysuit. You might need help with this.
7. Put the head on and gently shift it into a comfortable position on your head.
8. Enjoy being an animal!

Normal Wear:
Brushing with a pet brush is recommended before and after wear. After extended wear, turn the bodysuit inside out and spray with an alcohol-based spray. It’s a good idea to spray the inside of the head too, and set it on a small fan to make sure the foam inside is drying.

Washing Info:
(this applies to Dream Machine fursuits, and other makers may have their own recommendations!)

Bodysuits, hand paws, tails and feet can be washed in the washing machine, or in a tub of cold water. Regular detergent is fine, but one that protects colors is best. If using a washing machine, set the water to ‘cold’ and your setting to Hand Wash or Delicates. If your paws and feet have hard claws, I recommend putting them in a delicates bag or pillowcase before washing. If you have white furred foot bottoms, a pre-soak or Folex scrub might help bring out some of the dirt first.

You may use a clothing dryer ONLY if you have a no heat/air fluff setting! Any kind of heat drying will damage your fur in a way that cannot be repaired. Do this at your own risk, but test a piece of fur first.
If you do not have a dryer or don’t wish to use one, you may hang dry your suit. I recommend wringing out as much water as you can before you hang it up, because wet fur is very heavy and may strain the seams or stretch the fabric.
Regardless of how you dry it, periodic brushing is recommended to make sure the fur fibers dry straight.

I recommend spot-cleaning only for the head. Folex is an excellent cleaner that does not require rinsing. If the head is starting to smell musty or sweaty, you may carefully soak it in cold soapy water, but avoid getting the eyes wet as the paint may smear. Rinse it well.